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We affirm that each human being is more than the sum of their parts.

However, modern scientific thinking has continually diminished the human soul to little more than what is objectively perceived. By increasingly cold and materialistic evaluation, many are led to regard human beings as fragmented collections of mathematical principals, mechanical functions, and/or deterministically “coded” processes.

Therefore, we call for humility within disciplines of rational thinking – the return of science to its subservient role beneath universal truth – and an openness to recognizing that many important components of our world and human flourishing are beyond measurable assessment.

Thesis Background
Many are increasingly discouraged and exhausted by the modern sense of humanity's duty to dissect the scientific underpinnings of reality. There exists a flawed argument that claims the progressive movement and advancement in scientific understanding will somehow better our lives as humans. This is a prophesy of the modern age - ironically unscientific. None of history's many admirable humans required more information than we have at our fingertips today. There is only speculative evidence that the continual accumulation of knowledge and technological advancement will serve humanity. There are things that we may discover, that will not serve us in the least. These things may, in all likelihood, lead to our ultimate degradation and demise. Meanwhile, as we charge blindly toward our technological goals, much of modern culture seems to be stumbling further and further away from an understanding of ultimate truth - trading truth for facts. Perhaps, before we discover that knowledge which may break the bonds of human nature, we ought to strive towards metaphysical understanding which will allow us to handle that information responsibly.


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      Thanks!  That's really encouraging :)  I found this rather difficult to write, actually!  I wrote for a long time, and subsequently deleted a lot, before I landed on this relatively short background paragraph.  It kept me up thinking for a long time.  The hour grew so late that I was simply required to accept it and submit, haha.  At times, I've been only hesitantly accepting of the work as a whole.  I think it's because there are a really broad range of implications here and I got stuck in my excitement for the details.  I began with a discussion about our relationship with death and continued to find in myself a desire talk about certain aspects of bioethics, i.e. transhumanism.  Sooner or later, I realized that these topics would only constitute small corners of our world and the ways in which scientific thinking has overwhelmed a general understanding of truth.  As you could imagine, the title was changed quite a bit from my initial efforts, haha.  I'm really glad to hear you like how it turned out!  Being now removed from it, I'm starting to like it a bit more myself, haha.