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Understanding > Knowledge


We affirm that each human being is more than the sum of their parts. However, modern scientific thinking has continually diminished the human soul to little more than what is objectively perceived. By increasingly cold and materialistic evaluation, many are led to regard human beings as fragmented collections of mathematical principals, mechanical functions, and/or deterministically […]

Justice vs. Progress


We affirm that the possibility of progress is a good and fundamental feature of the world over which we have been given dominion. However, even though rapid changes in technology and other areas of society can give the impression of progress, JUSTICE is not progressing at the same pace and, in fact, is often diminishing […]

Educating for Progress


We affirm that the ability of every child to learn should be individual and not “one size fits all.” However, children who find it too difficult to reach that standard required give up trying and so fall further behind. To overcome this “failure complex” we must use their competitive spirit. Tests and exams should be […]