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Faith in scientific research


We affirm scientific research as an invaluable human endeavour and celebrate the progress of sciences illuminating every facet of God’s world, from subatomic to cosmic scales and physical, biotic and cultural realities. But we lament the separation of science from faith. We deplore naive views of finding scientific conclusions in the “book of God’s word”, […]

Enriching the world’s thought


We affirm the academic life of building and disseminating bodies of knowledge about every aspect of reality, in all the sciences, from mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences to ethics and theology. However, we believe that Christian communities have made too little contribution in mainstream academic thinking outside theology, because of the pernicious influence […]

From Individualism to Interdependence


We affirm the irreducible worth of every human being. In line with the creation account, we also affirm that individuality is best fulfilled in community. However, Western culture’s focus upon individual rights and freedoms has confused means and ends so that instead of benefitting a community, individuality becomes a self-centred fixation rather than other-centred outlook. […]

The Importance of Embodied Wisdom and Mentorship


Embodied wisdom (which is distinct from mere knowledge) is an invaluable resource for the flourishing of society. However, various factors–including the erosion of extended family, mobility of labor and resources, and the atomization of communities–have contributed to a situation in which embodied wisdom is less accessible. Therefore, we urge: 1) individuals to make sacrifices which […]