An original thesis must have three constituent elements (reflecting a biblical worldview):

an Affirmation (a positive value or ideal that is held to be good, just and true); you might start with ‘We affirm…’

an Analysis (how that good thing is being spoiled currently); this could begin ‘However…’

an Action (a realistic and feasible call to action); you might say ‘Therefore…

The whole thesis should not exceed 100 words and should in some way aim at true human flourishing.  You should avoid using Christian jargon and state things in a way that people can understand and engage with, whatever their beliefs.

When constructing your thesis, you may want to work from the end back — from something you believe strongly towards the affirmation. It might help to consider the following questions: Who exactly is doing wrong? What is it that they are doing and why is it wrong? What can be done to put this right? What positive thing would that restore?

Each thesis should focus on just one problem, and offer a response to that, even if several problems are closely related. If you agree with part of an existing thesis (e.g. the Analysis), but disagree with or wish to modify other components (e.g. the Action), please comment in that existing thesis thread.

Please use the ‘background’ section to briefly tell others about yourself and explain your thesis in more detail.

When you submit a thesis using the form below, it will be sent to the Reformation2017 Project Manager, who might propose one or two amendments for clarity and to distinguish it from any similar theses.  Provided it fulfils the criteria above, we will upload the thesis for discussion.

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