October Events


Oct. 17th:

“95 Theses for Today” by Jonathan Tame and Calum Samuelson (5:00pm @ Jubilee Centre)

Oct. 18th:

“From Luther to Locke: How Protestants invented Religious Freedom” by John Coffey (7:00pm @ Clare College)

Oct. 19th:

“Pandita Ramabai” by Philip Powell (12:30pm @ Jubilee Centre)

Oct. 27th:

“The Creative Legacy of the Reformation” by David Ford (5:00pm @ Great St Mary’s)

“I’m Not Me: Shame and the Self with St. Paul” by Jonathan Limbaugh (7:00pm @ Round Church)

Oct. 31st:

“Reformation 500: The Truth of the Gospel” by Steve Midgley, Andrew Fellows, and Jonathan Limbaugh (7:00pm @ Great St Mary’s)

Oct. 31st:

Nailing of 95 New Theses with HistoryNeedsYou (1:15pm @ Round Church)