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The new normal – from debt to credit

Affirmation: God has and does adequately provide for the needs of all mankind in and through his creation. Analysis: The distribution of this provision has become hugely polarised, largely as a result of the debt-based money system espoused by most nations. At all levels from international to individual it has become normal to live in […]

Housing Money

The right of all people to have access to a secure home meeting minimum quality standards is affirmed. However, unrestrained application of the free market has transformed housing into an investment, leading to vast over-pricing and the unjust financial exclusion of many from appropriate quality homes. The establishment of ‘housing money’ is proposed. This would […]

A New Economic Quality Goal

Genesis 1:28 mandates careful resource management to supply mankind’s needs. But history indicates that one person’s need and greed is often satisfied at the expense of others and of the environment. The current economic goal of constantly increasing growth exacerbates this behaviour, leading to increasing disparity of well-being within and between nations. We therefore need […]