This is an international conversation for Christians who care about the world and want to see it changed!  500 years ago Martin Luther published 95 theses which launched the Reformation, a movement that over time helped European society to embrace many biblical values (more on that here).  Today we want to see our society transformed for good, and so we’re inviting thoughtful Christians to help craft 95 new theses – or ways to change the world – that are inspired by a biblical worldview today. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view and sort all the theses submitted so far.

What is a thesis?

A thesis in Reformation2017 is a proposal of up to 100 words, with three constituent parts:

an Affirmation (a positive value or ideal that is held to be good, just and true); you might start with ‘We affirm…’

an Analysis (how that good thing is being spoiled currently); this could begin ‘However…’

an Action (a realistic and feasible call to action); you might say ‘Therefore…

This is intended to mirror the Creation – Fall – Redemption framework of a biblical worldview, which is a great way to think biblically about engaging in society as a Christian.  As well as having a tripartite structure, each thesis should in some way lead towards the goal of true human flourishing.

How can I participate?

1) You can submit a thesis for discussion

2) You can comment on theses and collaborate by suggesting modifications

3) You can vote for theses and rate other people’s comments

4) You can help spread the ideas by sharing on social media

Who can be involved?

Anyone can join this conversation – we welcome economists, politicians, programmers, teachers, philosophers, theologians, students and artists. However we ask everyone getting involved to do so under your real identity, as we want an open and transparent discussion, and to be accountable for what we write (there is a thesis about the quality of online discussion here).

This conversation is about how the Christian faith can transform the world for good, but we’re inviting people who are not Christians to listen in.  So as a community guideline, let’s avoid Christian jargon, or discussing issues that are internal to the church, and instead demonstrate how we are seeking to be salt and light in the world around us. Additionally, we are asking everyone to use their real names if registering apart from Facebook/Google+ in order to create community that is open and transparent.


We are passionate about social transformation. In order to keep this conversation connected to immediate needs and realistic solutions we are offering prizes to those who demonstrate the initiative to carry their ideas through into action. One grand prize of £500 will be awarded to the best thesis. The winning thesis (along with the 500 words of background information) will demonstrate a strong original idea with a realistic plan for implementation and an author (or authors) who have engaged in discussion on the comments section and are committed to see the idea come to fruition. Five more prizes will also be awarded to runners-up and will provide them with extended training from experts who can help them transform their ideas into reality. Please stay tuned for more details regarding these awards!