Towards a Compelling Theology of Creation Care

We affirm environmental responsibility (“creation care”), and the importance of the natural world, the planet and all non-human creation in the eyes of God. We welcome increasing Evangelical interest in this.

However, Evangelical theology of creation care is still weak and uncompelling. Though stating our responsibility, it is often legalistic, takes little account of insights from Christian movements like the Reformation, Holiness and Pentecostal movements, and sometimes is little different from those of other faiths.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to developing a full-orbed, potent Evangelical theology of creation care in which these are taken into account.

Thesis Background
Evangelical theology of creation care tends to focus on our responsibility to God as Creator and Owner of the world, with an added incitement towards love. Very seldom, if ever, are the following taken into account: the Reformational rediscovery of Christ's saving work on the Cross and the response of faith, the insights from Holiness movements, the convicting power that became apparent in revivals, the indwelling, fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, the missionary movements, and the evangelistic imperative. Yet these movements are ones that have shaped Evangelical and Pentecostal thought, belief and motivation. No wonder many Evangelicals and Pentecostals at at best lukewarm and at worst hostile to creation care. We need to understand how creation care (environmental responsibility) links intimately with the insights that emerged in all these movement, giving a central place for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. One attempt at this has been made in 'A New View in Theology and Practice' ( This attempt is by Andrew Basden, an environmental activist in the Name of Christ, who is Professor of Human Factors and Philosophy in Information Systems at the University of Salford, and on the Leadership Team of the Christian Academic Network.

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