Restitution of All Things

We confess, beneath God’s every promise to humankind, His covenant with creation itself, ‘with day and night and the fixed laws of heaven and earth’ that holds for, embraces and sustains every kind of human activity.

However, Christian tradition narrows attention to Biblical proclamations addressing human moral need. The watching world sees no under-girding, over-arching concern: history and culture matter to God.

Therefore, we ask church leaders everywhere to frame their thought and teaching with consistent regard to God’s everlasting creation project that places human salvation within a restitution of all things.

Thesis Background
Our thesis occupies a central place in Thinking Faith Network's "Transforming Vision" or "Reformational Basics" course each year. It challenges the powerful notion that sin prevents our "going to heaven" rather than hindering the flourishing of God's Creation Project. That misconception locks people inside churchy activities and encourages a one-size-fits-all evangelism. Sin and salvation aren't then seen with all their potential in real cultural milieus but rather outside the creation order in a supernatural reality to which church alone really belongs.

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