Jesus is Lord

We affirm the Reformational principle of the separation of the church from other spheres of life such as the state, the business, the school, the university and the family.

However, we are dismayed at the widespread assumption that religious convictions can and should be kept from influencing politics, commerce, education, science and family life.

Therefore we call upon renewed effort among God’s people to expose the worldviews that shape our society, to recognise Christ’s lordship over every area of human endeavour, and to demonstrate in winsome ways the benefits of applying Christian thinking in all of life.

Thesis Background
This thesis is inspired by the legacy of Abraham Kuyper, and I believe it embodies the intentions of the original 16th century Reformers. Will Calvin, Luther, Zwingli and others not be dismayed to discover that, after separating church from state more or less successfully, the cultures influenced by the Reformation have largely gone on to proclaim that religion is only a marginal area of life and should be restricted to the life of the institutional church, leaving everything else as "secular"?

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