A gender-balanced church benefits everyone

We affirm that a church with an equal ratio of men to women is most healthy and able to effectively model God’s ways to society.

However, today’s church has a 1 man: 2 women ratio. For men, there’s a massive need for more effective evangelism, discipleship and ways of doing church. Over 2 million women can’t marry a Christian man – do they stay single and childless or marry a non-Christian? Only 11% of today’s church’s grandchildren will have a Christian father and mother.

We call for church leaders to implement solutions such as signposted by The Engage Network: www.engage-mcmp.org.uk

Thesis Background
Research shows that there is a 1 man : 2 women ratio in the church (Tearfund 2007, Evangelical Alliance 2012, YouGov 2014). This adversely affects ALL Christians, men and women, children and young people. ENGAGE is a national network of Christian organisations and churches. Our vision is: “To make singleness or marriage a genuine choice for all Christian women and men, through a church which is gender-balanced and teaches about healthy Christian singleness, dating and marriage.” We • Raise awareness of the issues for young people and adults • Use biblical teaching, research and expert input to find solutions that all church leaders and members can implement • Work to connect men to Jesus and the church to men (see www.cvm.org.uk) • Promote teaching about healthy Christian singleness, dating, relationships, marriage and parenting • Want the church to flourish and model God’s ways to the next generation and the rest of society as a witness to His grace and love Individuals, churches and national organisations can get involved in changing things by using the information, resources and solutions signposted at: www.engage-mcmp.org.uk Annabel Clarke, Chartered Psychologist / ENGAGE Co-Chair Nathan Blackaby, CEO Christian Vision for Men / ENGAGE Co-Chair

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