Faith in scientific research

We affirm scientific research as an invaluable human endeavour and celebrate the progress of sciences illuminating every facet of God’s world, from subatomic to cosmic scales and physical, biotic and cultural realities.

But we lament the separation of science from faith. We deplore naive views of finding scientific conclusions in the “book of God’s word”, or simply reading the “book of God’s works” as if science were an infallible pathway to truth.

Instead we work together in the search for ever-deepening understanding of how Christ’s manifold wisdom imbues the created order, seeking theories and models that bring real new insight.

Thesis Background
Church Scientific explores how a Christian worldview can enhance science. Christian communities It's an initiative to help scientific thinkers motivated by faith in Jesus Christ to come together in Christian communities (including the local church) to explore all kinds of ideas that influence their work and develop fresh perspectives. Through workshops, café evenings and conferences, we engage with the history, philosophy and theology of the sciences to build a Christian philosophy of science based on insights from reformational philosophy. This is a comprehensive non-reductionistic Christian philosophical tradition that traces its roots to Calvin at the Reformation, and helps us appreciate the rich multi-faceted diversity of the created order. Church Scientific is an initiative from Thinking Faith Network: and Blenheim Baptist Church:

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