Developing Leaders of Integrity

We affirm that the Church should inspire and pioneer redemptive culture in all areas of a society, demonstrating the multifaceted wisdom of God in beauty and in truth.

However, the Church cannot be who she is destined to be while fragmented/immature in the love of God and without a transformative vision for society and clear/effective strategies for engagement.

Therefore, may the people of God arise to be and develop leaders of integrity, sound character, wisdom, understanding, and love who carry a global perspective and who are ready to engage in the redemptive work of social reformation as salt and light.

Thesis Background
I believe that the people of God should look like Him in character, disposition, and life. Our God is a brilliant creator, a chief architect, King of Kings, master artist. He runs an economy of abundance and puts hospitals out of business. He is the teacher, healer, mediator. He is the Prince of Peace. One meeting with Him caused the most corrupt tax collector to change his ways and repay all he'd stolen. Infinite in wisdom and splendour, He is also incredibly practical and demonstrates care and attention to the ordinary stuff of life. This King lives within us today, and is eager to demonstrate who He is in the midst of our earthen realities. I believe that the increasingly complex global challenges, brokenness not only in individuals, but in nations and global systems, and rising fear and polarization is the backdrop against which the glory of God is most visible. This is our finest hour. Rather than shrink back in fear, this is the time to arise and shine, developing a deeper understanding and praxis of what it means to carry this King within, and engage effectively in the societies around us, drawing upon the wisdom and intelligence of our King and the wells of understanding to imagine and create new systems and structures which would enable human flourishing. The systems of our world today were created. The world of tomorrow will also be created, shaped, and directed by leaders in all areas of society; history is always in the process of being created. Shall we not be its architects? I believe the Church is meant to inhabit the broken cracks of our world and see them transformed, being as stars in the night sky which let the light shine in from another world. May we arise, thinking and acting with wisdom and intelligence, strategy and foresight, unity, and love. May we be and develop leaders who reflect this King in spirit and in practice, and who venture boldly, creatively, intelligently, and wisely into the many facets of society unto its reformation and transformation.

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