Enriching the world’s thought

We affirm the academic life of building and disseminating bodies of knowledge about every aspect of reality, in all the sciences, from mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences to ethics and theology.

However, we believe that Christian communities have made too little contribution in mainstream academic thinking outside theology, because of the pernicious influence of the sacred-secular divide.

So we are working in Christian philosophy and fellowship to make genuine contributions to mainstream thought. We seek neither to antagonise nor to acquiesce but to affirm, critique and enrich discourses within each discipline.

Thesis Background
Affirmation, critical analysis and redemptive action - the format of each of these 95 new theses - is exactly the approach we believe that Christian scholars should bring to their academic work. The idea of affirming, critiquing and actively enriching an area of academic discourse parallels the biblical worldview motif of creation, fall and redemption: our conviction that all things are created good, that evil and perversion infect all aspects of life, and that God is actively redeeming the whole created order through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. As scholars therefore, just as in every other area of life and work, we seek to understand and enrich the ideas we encounter in the university under the awareness that evil in, its diverse forms, is just as likely to be found within scientific research as anywhere else. We see Christian communities as essential to this project: not only churches, but also Christian scholarly communities of fellowship. This thesis is proposed by Faith-in-Scholarship with acknowledgement to the Christian Academic Network (http://christianacademicnetwork.net/). The Christian Academic Network is a network of Christian academics who seek to encourage integration of Christian faith with academic life and equip university and college staff and those academics working in research as witnesses for Jesus Christ in their workplace. Faith-in-Scholarship (http://thinkfaith.net/fisch) is a Thinking Faith Network initiative to nurture dynamic Christian thinking about the ideas that shape our world - which is, after all, God's world. It promotes academic study, creative endeavour and scientific thinking from a reformational Christian perspective, in the university and beyond. We are delighted to engage in the 95 New Theses project as a mark of the ongoing reformation of our lives and our culture that must be always ongoing.

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