Wonderful Visible Invisible Reality

We affirm the wonders of reality in both its physical and spiritual capacities. God has created a visible and invisible reality that is good and exists for human discovery, cultivation and benefit.

However, gnostic thinking has led to a division between science and faith causing many to neglect the fulness of creation, either it be the material or non-material world.

Therefore, based on the resurrection of Jesus and God’s promise of redemption, the truth of God’s creation, both physical and spiritual, can become a wonderful reality where humans can flourish in relationship to God, one another and the created order.

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  • The affirmation of the richness of created reality, and of humans' call to discover and nurture it, is wonderful to hear.  But we would like to suggest that Christians can avoid seeing it terms of "physical plus spiritual", in case this turns into a kind of gnostic dualism of its own.  Could we encourage each other to look at the creation as "spatial and physical and biotic and social and economic and aesthetic and religious..." - i.e. truly embodying the manifold wisdom of Christ?