Resisting a post-truth world

We affirm that truth is intrinsic to God’s nature and worthy of pursuit and protection.

However, we recognise our world has corrupted the notion of truth to the point many would deny it exists. Mass media, whilst offering a window into the triumphs, suffering and creativity of people around the globe, has too often abused its power. We condemn its irresponsible marketing, opinion rather than fact-driven ‘news’ and desire to capture our attention for commercial gain.

Therefore we call on Christians to speak truth into public forums using the media as a vehicle for social transformation rather than distraction.

Thesis Background
When I started working in media and learned some of the 'tricks of the trade' when it came to messaging and presentation it got me thinking about the fine line much of the industry treads between deception and honesty. Now, that line matters less when it comes to the level of sparkle on a floor from using a certain cleaning product than it does from a culture whereby unrealistic physical expectations are placed on women based on modified images of models or the presumption that a reassuring lie told by a politician is justified during political campaigns because the ends justify the means. Honesty is not a virtue of the Christian faith, it is as central to its purpose as it is central to Christ's character. If we claim to follow 'The Way, the Truth and the Life' we must pursue and protect that which He represents for humanity's collective edification.

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