The Posture of Communication

We affirm that the sharing of one’s individual perspective via online or face to face interaction is essential to the art of communicating.

Regrettably, all too often our own ignorance, desire to be heard, and deep-seated emotion inhibit us from genuinely listening to understand and learn from another individual.

Therefore, we urge: 1) individuals to acknowledge that their perspective and understanding are limited; and 2) intentionally approach communication with other people in a way that seeks to both listen and understand what has led that person to such a position.

Thesis Background
In my life thus far, I have found myself to be a person that relates with a lot of different kinds of people and perspective. Although this is sometimes useful and other times confusing, I believe it has led me to see what I have come to understand as a fairly prevalent disconnect in the way we often go about ways of communication. Although seemingly this issue is basic, I would suggest that if we were to truly get at the heart behind our words and methods, we may find it extremely complex and difficult. It seems that oftentimes we enter into communication with the agenda of asserting our dominance and furthering our conclusions of why our experience or the way we think should be shared by others. Although I do not believe this is entirely wrong, I think we need to ask ourselves the question of whether or not such an agenda inhibits us from truly hearing another person. Even if we are choosing not to vocally interrupt, are we truly seeking to understand through an attitude of humility and respect for a person's humanity what they are saying? We so often are inwardly objecting and mounting what we will say next, which leaves us incapable of truly listening. What are the reasons and circumstances that have led them to say such things? I believe the method in which we approach the art of communication is of vital importance today, especially when so many of our cultural conversations have a tendency to be emotionally charged and divisive.

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