Ending well

We affirm that death has lost its sting. If Christianity speaks of anything it is resurrection and new life.

However in modern society we are unable to talk about ending well. In fact we do not want to talk about death at all. At the same time as longevity increases many people find themselves with more time waiting to die. It is inevitable but we remain unprepared.

Therefore we resolve to equip people of different ages to talk about death, to prepare themselves and others to end well. In particular those with hope need to break the silence.

Thesis Background
We are taught to talk more, to share, to help one another, to be open. We will all die one day and before that we will have to face the death of loved ones. Yet across society we are unable to talk, share or help on this subject. It remains out of bounds, as though be honest about death in some way denies human flourishing. However if we could help each other to be better prepared surely humans would stand more chance of flourishing right to the end?

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