Fine Art for Worship

Fine arts reflect the creative nature of God in us. Reformation gave us right doctrines and renaissance expressed them with Fine Arts. Artists painted on surfaces that normally would not even be seen. It was their act of worship.

Nowadays, painting is eclipsed by music and dance as main expressions of worship in church liturgy.

We need to restore drawing/painting as a norm in church gatherings. We need congregations expressing the word of God visually, not necessarily skilfully. Drawing on paper should be a spontaneous artistic expression of worshipping God similar to singing a new song unto God.

Thesis Background
Drawing and painting are basic art forms that children are taught. They are encouraged with appreciation of their efforts even when skills are wanting. Their efforts are displayed on fridge doors and office works spaces. God our heavenly father also appreciates such expressions of our love and worship to him. Just as church leaders did during Renaissance, we now need to make time and space available for young and old to draw during worship and share with congregation for the glory of God. Learning from the renaissance artists they should continue regardless of it being seen or appreciated by people. About the Painting Titled The Gospel is by my father S.S. Bundellu who was a leading artist from India, Well known for his paintings on Biblical themes. He was awarded a silver medal in 1950 by Pope Pius XII for his painting Ten Virgins. Included in Who is Who in India 1983

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