A case for creative writing

God created this beautiful earth through words and passed on His creativity and love of beauty to humans. So they practice different art forms, including word-art. A creative writer also creates worlds through words, in a sense, and speaks with power to the heart and mind of the reader.

However, imaginative literature is not given enough importance among present day evangelical Christians. It is even frowned upon in some quarters.

We need to wake up! Let’s encourage artistic writing. Let’s also work at producing high quality poetry, fiction and other aesthetic literary pieces that reflect the beauty of our God.

Thesis Background
Lovers of literature are extremely receptive to good writing. But much of the literature produced today come with negative messages. Readers lap these up because of the interesting presentation. Meanwhile, Christians seem to have largely withdrawn from the literary field, leaving it completely free for all kinds of philosophies to thrive. It is high time for us to come back to the world with the message of truth, conveyed beautifully. This writer has greatly benefited from the fictional works of CS Lewis. She now tries to practice what she preaches and has published a novel, a good number of stories and poems.

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