Trust vs. Fear

We affirm peace and security; the ability to live without fear.

But the paranoid anger of tabloids and ballot boxes instantiate fears which currently haunt the West. Our ‘way of life’, our safety, wealth, communities, are threatened by someone—a faceless stranger. This stranger has distorted features: he is a terrorist, perhaps, or a refugee. We don’t trust him. We want to keep her out.

Therefore, we should become more like Christ by willingly risking wealth, security, and reputation to vulnerably associate ourselves with strangers. As a society, we should welcome the migrant and house the refugee.

Thesis Background
Pope Francis recently said that we must “prioritise migrants' dignity over national security”. Our fear of the outsider, our unwillingness to risk what we hold dear, leads only to death. But trust overcomes fear. Caring for migrants and refugees in an important step in making our nations more like the Kingdom of God.

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