A just and peaceful international order

We affirm God created the nations of the world, big, small, colourful and different. God is sovereign over all nations and each is accountable to him. God envisions a just and peaceful international order, the basis for peaceful relations between nations.
However, because of evil and the arrogance of man, nations seek dominance over and exploitative relations with other nations, warring for territory and resources, resulting in international anarchy.
Therefore, as Christians, according to God’s promise to end war ‘nations will not take up sword against nation’ (Isaiah 2:4), we should work to bring about the transformation of international relations.

Thesis Background
I have a background in international relations and I have spent the last twenty years of my life working (in my own small way) to bring about the transformation of international relations. Broadly speaking my thinking is based on the English School (Martin Wight) and the critical-constructionist approaches to the study of international relations. And as a Christian I take seriously God's authority over nations and his standards of justice for the behaviour of nations. Also I am very critical of the sovereign nation-state because after the Reformation it came to replace the Catholic church and the Holy Roman Empire as the guarantor of earthly salvation.

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