Peacebuilding in divided societies

We affirm Christ-centred peacebuilding to be part of our public discipleship.

However, we confess our failures in peacebuilding and in promoting the counter culture of Christ in a world where cultures clash.

Therefore, let every Christian, in the Spirit of the Prince of Peace, engage as salt and light in their own communities; for reconciliation, peace and the common good. And let us do this in a gospel-centred manner, for the advancement of the Kingdom and to the glory of God.

Thesis Background
My name is Stephen Johnston and am a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. The essence of my thesis is that Christian discipleship is not just private and personal, but public. It impinges on the public square. And in the context of conflict Christian discipleship will be an agent for reconciliation and the common good. In conflict situations, churches often struggle to position themselves for the counter culture of God’s Kingdom. I believe that this counter culture of the Jesus transcends and critiques all cultures. In many situations of 21st century clashing cultures, Churches have a wonderful opportunity to position themselves for the counter culture of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in so doing offer much Gospel hope to a divided, broken and despairing world.

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