Global Catastrophic Risks

Affirmation: the existence of humanity is a valuable state of affairs.
Analysis: there are a number of risks with non-negligible probabilities of taking place which threaten the existence of a very high proportion of humanity, and thus bring much higher death rates and cause extreme suffering. These are known as Global Catastrophic Risks (GCRs) and include Artificial Intelligence, antibiotic resistance, climate change and nanotechnology.
Action: we should campaign to influence politics, business and wider society to ensure that the probability of GCRs is reduced as much as possible.

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  • Josh - seems to me that the most powerful force driving most of these risks is modern capitalism, and in particular the pursuit of huge profit by large, poorly regulated corporations (eg. antibiotic resistance due to short-termism in animal ag thinking; climate change due to self-interested business + lobbying by huge fossil fuel companies). To what extent do you see GCRs as directly related to the intensity of capitalist development? Or of market deregulation? And what is the response to this - going beyond a vague, generic "anti-capitalism", what does a sophisticated, organised Christian response to capitalism look like in the light of urgent GCRs?? Surely the implication of all this is base-level system change?