Child Sexual Abuse

WE AFFIRM the dignity of children, the value of their unique perspective on the world, and the privilege given to us of protecting and nurturing them.

HOWEVER, many societies across the world struggle with endemic levels of child sexual abuse. When uncovered, the shocking nature of such abuse often leads to offenders being dehumanised without root causes being tackled.

THEREFORE, let us educate ourselves and others on identifying and preventing abuse whilst also fostering an open environment in which those with child sexual attraction can seek appropriate help without fear of stigma.

Thesis Background
From systematic abuse to child prostitution and sex tourism, there are many facets to the manifest problem of child sexual abuse. To add a complication, it is estimated that only a small proportion of cases are ever reported. By educating and taking action as individuals, groups and communities, we can give a voice to the voiceless and send a strong message that the abuse of children and vulnerable adults (to whom many of the same issues apply) cannot and will not be overlooked.


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  • The last part is very important, but also very intriguing and challenging. An open environment for discussion is crucial, but how can we achieve this in an atmosphere that is so condemning of people with child sexual attraction? Perhaps before we can get to an open environment we can begin with small and confidential group discussions for those who are in this category or somehow connected?
  • Education is the way.  I feel that this also needs to be broadened to encompass something on sex and sexuality too - there is a wider issue of how we see the place of sex in our lives if having sex with children is to be overcome.