In defence of materiality

We affirm that the digital world opens new horizons for people. There is a risk that this places a premium on the immaterial and transient.

Parisian thinker, Paul Virilio, warns that such a trend can volatize the real and obliterate lived experience. Much thinking in the West undervalues materiality – by promoting disposability.

We should espouse a higher view of material things; recycle, reuse, renew. As Christians, we believe in the incarnation and resurrected body. The world we inhabit is material – with flesh and blood, even e-waste and electricity – so let us reconnect, engaging our hands in craftsmanship.

Thesis Background
Sam lives, works, studies, and repairs bikes in North Yorkshire. With graduate degrees from Oxford and UBC, Vancouver, his passions lie in both the opportunities of the digital world and the value and beauty of material Creation. The North York Moors are just the tip of the iceberg...


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