A rural idyll under threat?

We affirm the dignity of the created order and the responsibility of humans to have dominion over it.

However we notice that some regard the countryside solely as an instrument for their pleasure without reference to either the habitat, nor to the rural community who nurture the land. This may result in roads clogged with cycling enthusiasts, increased littering and disposal of cremated remains at beauty spots.

We invite our government and countryside leisure users to consider their view, whether they believe the countryside is an instrument for their pleasure or a place of intrinsic value.

Thesis Background
Anne has a PhD in Biochemistry and a Theology degree. For almost twelve years she has been serving happily as the Church of England Vicar of four parishes in North Yorkshire. She has become increasingly aware of the frustrations of those who live and work in rural areas with those who visit for recreational pursuits.

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  • Thank you very much for this, Anne. As a lover of nature myself, I'm often frustrated with the ways I see people using places of beauty without considering how their very actions may diminish the beauty and value of that place. I think that in some cases the perception of beauty is as much associated with solitude/seclusion as with any objective topographical features. In such instances, the attraction is significantly lost when more people discover and begin visiting the idyllic spot. How do you think we can practically encourage people to maintain a healthy balance between enjoyment and preservation?