Biodiversity Matters!

We affirm that biodiversity reflects God’s creativity, wisdom and character and has value independently of its usefulness to humanity.
However, we live in an age where human behaviour is driving many species towards extinction, through over-consumption, pollution, habitat destruction, and the inappropriate use of wildlife products.
Therefore, we call for a widespread recognition of the inherent value of nonhuman species, and the implementation of policies and programmes and funding streams which restore and protect species and habitats under threat.

Thesis Background
--Rev. Dave Bookless works for A Rocha International as Director of Theology, and speaks and writes widely on environmental issues.--


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      You're quite right Daniel. The only reason I didn't explicitly mention ecosystems was space. It does concern me, though that the tagline for this whole project is limited to 'true human flourishing'. God's purposes are wider than human flourishing ... as he made clear to Job - they include the flourishing of those creatures and ecosystems that are of no apparent relevance to humanity too!