Investor Relations

Affirmation: We need capitalism to serve society.

Analysis: Done well, capitalism is the best method we know of creating wealth and raising communities out of poverty.

The narrow pursuit of short-term shareholder profits damages human relationships and trust, and gives rise to poor and often scandalous outcomes. It is also destroying the environment.

B Corporations, social enterprises, and many family businesses all have stakes in the community, and seek better long term outcomes.

Action: Guide and encourage savers to ethical banks, and investors to social and impact investments, and consumers to enlightened suppliers.

Thesis Background
--Alexander Hoare is a private banker, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur--

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  • I like the 'action' - but is money necessarily the best way to remove poverty? Forgive me if that sounds naïve, but I was under the impression that we had enough in this world in resource terms and just needed to convince or educate people to spread them fairly.