Educating for Progress

We affirm that the ability of every child to learn should be individual and not “one size fits all.”

However, children who find it too difficult to reach that standard required give up trying and so fall further behind.

To overcome this “failure complex” we must use their competitive spirit. Tests and exams should be personal for each child and measure the progress he/she has made since the last test/exam. Therefore the child will have confidence in what he/she can do, and look forward to measuring the distance covered since the last test/exam.

Thesis Background
In my 2nd Curacy I taught Church Teaching to the 10/11 year olds. In exams everyone got over 50% except one boy who never got above 15%. By building up his confidence in himself, at the end of that year's exam, he came second in a Class of about 30 children. I had to show the Headmistress all the exam papers so that she could see that I had marked all the papers fairly. The boy who came 1st with over 90% had, by November, worked out how I was building that lad's confidence in himself even though it was sometimes at his expense, and he was glad to be able to help that slower boy in that way. (That brighter lad was happy for me to 'misuse' him for the benefit of that less able boy; and I received a Christmas card from him every year until about 2 years after he got married.)

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