Education, education, education

We affirm that education is a basic human right.

Even in the most developed societies however, education falls drastically short of equipping us to live lives that are resilient, meaningful, and purposeful; instead focusing on the technical abilities we may one day need to earn a living.

We therefore propose an overhaul of our curricula to include teaching on more essential subjects such as what constitutes great art, how to make good decisions, who we should love, and other areas we so desperately need help in.

Thesis Background
--Tim Yearsley works with students in Nottingham as a representative for the Navigators UK, seeking to meaningfully connect the gospel with a secular generation.--

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  • This is a very sad short article that misses completely the main battle in UK education. Come on, is this the best you can do for the 500 year anniversary?  Remember what Luther said about the soldier who flinches where the battle is the fiercest.  The battle is the full scale indoctrination of the children/students into the secular neo pagan Darwinian cult which destroys the confidence any student has or would have in the Bible.  Surely you should be fighting for Education where the students are allowed to see both sides of the argument, then given the source material to go and work it out! Ie Both the young Earth Creation worldview and the old earth Darwinian cult view. This is education.