Liberating Education

We affirm that human beings are called and enabled to become active citizens of their society and active explorers of their environment.

However, we constantly try to confine our children’s education to measurable skills and competitive achievement.

Therefore, we must ease the burdens of testing for schoolchildren, keep class sizes as small as possible to enable personal interaction and care, and provide more resource for imaginative and spiritual development and for the learning of stillness, self-knowledge and compassion.


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  • I am curious what age range you mean by schoolchildren? Is this merely for elementary age children or should these practices be continued through middle school and high school, or even through college?
    • Great question, Joel. I think he had elementary/primary age children in mind. But it is absolutely important to consider how the learning of things such as spiritual development and compassion can be implemented at higher levels!
  • I believe that this thesis is of profound importance. The message limit the value that children put on themselves through a system that focuses on limited criteria of evaluation.