Balance of Work Life

We affirm that an appropriate balance between work and rest (epitomised in the biblical teaching of Sabbath) is vital for personal wellbeing, healthy families and strong communities.

However, the competitive culture of many companies expects employees to continue responding to demands outside normal working hours. This expectation does not respect personal boundaries or the physical, mental, and emotional needs of staff in their lives outside the workplace.

Therefore, we challenge CEOs and other managers to give their employees ample space for rest by enforcing ‘no-email’ policies after working hours and to set the example themselves.


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  • I agree with this thesis but suggest it goes further. The idea of Sabbath is relevant not just for individuals but communities. Having shared rest time is conducive to the quality of family and community relationships, so we should think about the impact of staggered shifts on human flourishing. My own research finds that weekend working has a negative impact on happiness, mental health and satisfaction with leisure time, even if people make up for this with time off during the week. Similar arguments could be made for night working and working during important holidays and festivals.