Online Speech

We affirm that language is a gift from God, that ‘the tongue has the power of life and death’ (Proverbs 18:21), and that God’s intention is that words be used to build others up.

However, we observe that the internet is often a platform for gossip, rumour, hate speech, defamation and harassment.

Therefore, we call upon all internet-users to recognise that, given its public nature, they cannot control who engages with our online speech, and accordingly, to engage in civil discourse. We also call on website-owners to take seriously the need to moderate users’ comments and allow for report of abuse.

Thesis Background
This thesis was a collaboration between Andrew Fellows and Florence Gildea and therefore represents a joint effort.

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  • This is excellent, and it focuses on what, in my opinion, is the key. This should not be a matter for legislation alone, but requires a morality in users and producers in the internet.