Respect of Media Ownership

We affirm that the ownership of property is an important and necessary reality in our world.

However, the internet has vastly increased the ability of others to misuse, borrow without permission, and even steal property that belongs to others. This is especially true for artists of all kinds who make their living from their original creations.

Therefore, we commit to giving credit to owners/creators for all images, artwork, ideas, and phrases whenever possible and implore all users of Reformation2017 to do the same.


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  • I would also like to see the idea of ownership developed. This talks about individual ownership, which is important, but what about other property that is not owned by individuals.  Perhaps needed in another category, but issues of land ownership, where concepts of private ownership can lead to the marginalisation of the poor. Economics has the concept of public goods too, and this concept needs to be incorporated into what could be a much more general thesis on ownership. I sense some Jubilee Economics coming up here!
  • This seems to me to have the potential to become a much broader general thesis, that relates to the value of truth, and the need for it in public and private life.