Fossil Fuels

We affirm the intrinsic worth, beauty and integrity of the nonhuman environment – land, air, water, animal and plant species, numerous eco-systems – on which all human and non-human life depend for their flourishing.

However, our society’s addiction to energy derived from fossil fuels is wreaking havoc on this nonhuman environment, placing this and future generations–especially the poorest of the world–in great jeopardy.

Therefore, we urge governments, business organisations, trades unions and all economic actors to do all in their power to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and commit to a comprehensive redirection of energy policy towards renewable sources.

Thesis Background
--Jonathan Chaplin is Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, Cambridge, a member of the Cambridge University Divinity faculty and a member of the ‘In Search of “Good” Energy’ project organised by Energy@Cambridge.--


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