Shared responsibility in education

We affirm that both parents and teachers are responsible for the education of children, in order to shape and equip them for their positive involvement in society.

However, various changes in society, including both family breakdown and the ‘consumerisation’ of education, have increasingly shifted responsibility for success from students and parents onto teachers and institutions of education. In many situations, this has greatly increased the strain on teachers and contributed to the decreased effectiveness of education in the West.

Therefore, we challenge educational leaders to enact policies that incentivise parental involvement and minimise the punishment of individual schools and teachers for the failings of individual students.

Thesis Background
--Calum studies Church History and Historical Theology. He currently works at the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge.--


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  • Good thesis. Could we be more specific about some policies? How does this thesis impact children who have only one parent? What about children in care? What about long term foster children? Effective policy needs to include those who could be sidelined by a policy framed for 'normal' families?